Livy Line by Line: 4.1 Part 2

Step 1: The Text as a Whole (quickly read, look up vocab) Forte quadam divinitus super ripas Tiberis effusus lenibus stagnis nec adiri usquam ad iusti cursum poterat amnis et posse quamvis...


Livy Line by Line: 1.4 Part 1

The Story So Far: In the first 3 chapters of Book 1, Livy has discussed the pre-history of Rome. At the end of chapter 3, the city of Alba Longa has been founded. The last king, Aventinus, has...


My New Favorite Latin Lexicon

You are proficient in a language not when you can translate it into your own, but when you no longer need to.  As a historian of Christianity from roughly Augustine (4th century) to early modern Europe (17th century), I find myself reading a lot of Latin. Call it immersion...