Reading Group: Glimpse at Author

The Righteous Mind reading group is posting its first discussion on Friday. I thought you might be interested to see what our author is up to currently, especially since it overlaps with major themes of the book. Jonathan Haidt is working with a group called Heterodox Academy, whose mission is to expose, analyze, and hopefully rectify a lack of viewpoint diversity in the social sciences. Have a look at one of his articles: New Study Indicates Existence of Eight Conservative Social Psychologists.

Framing the issue as “viewpoint diversity” raises a number of questions. Here are some of mine. On what topics should we reasonably expect the academy to have viewpoint diversity? (For example, is anyone really worried that an overwhelming majority of American social scientists prefer democracy to dictatorship?) How does a lack of viewpoint diversity affect the quality of scholarship or the ability of the public to apply its conclusions?

I thought this would be a nice warm-up for The Righteous Mind, since the book deals with how polarizations form and how polarized thinking affects us. I’d love to hear your thoughts, questions, or answers to questions in the comments.