The Righteous Mind Schedule and Policies

A poll of interested book group readers resulted in a clear winner, The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt. In this post I’m going to put up a schedule for reading and outline a few policies for getting the most out of the group. 

First, some policies. I will be putting each week’s post on Facebook, but I’d prefer it if you interact on here. Things get lost easily on FB, and sometimes you might not even see the post. (If there’s a way I can make following these posts easier for you, please let me know.) People can participate at their own comfort level, but I hope the environment is welcoming enough that everyone feels encouraged to post something in the comments each week. Not all comments need to be evaluative. Asking a question, drawing attention to a particularly interesting illustration, comparing a passage to a previous week’s reading, tracking down a footnote, comparing the argument to another book, relating the reading to personal experience — all these are welcome forms of participation. I hope conversations spring up among readers, perhaps even readers who haven’t previously met each other. I think we all know what it means to communicate respectfully, so there’s no need for me to spell out an exhaustive comment policy.

The book has pretty nicely sized chapters, so one per week seems reasonable. The schedule shows that each Friday I will put up a post on the week’s reading. This format affords you some flexibility, since you have until the next week when I put up the next post to join in the discussion without falling behind.


1/22 – Intro + Ch. 1

1/29 – Ch. 2

2/5 – Ch. 3

2/12 – Ch. 4

2/19 – Ch. 5

2/26 – Ch. 6

3/4 – Ch. 7

3/11 – Ch. 8

3/18 – Ch. 9

3/25 – Ch. 10

4/1 – Ch. 11

4/9 – Ch. 12

4/16 – Conclusion (wrap-up discussion)


3 comments on “The Righteous Mind Schedule and Policies

  1. Chris


  2. Kristen

    Downloaded on Audible, the easiest way for me to read currently. 😊 Thanks for organizing! Looking forward to the book and interaction.

    1. Kevin

      The audiobook in the author’s voice is a great way to access this book. Interesting moment in part 1 (audio ch. 3, 9:08… minor spoiler alert) when Haidt seems to mock stumble at the second mention of dog-eating and related tales. Looking forward to the discussion!